Sunday, July 10, 2005

Sacred Geometry

In nature, we find patterns, designs and structures from the most minuscule particles, to expressions of life discernible by human eyes, to the greater cosmos. These inevitably follow geometrical archetypes, which reveal to us the nature of each form and its vibrational resonances. They are also symbolic of the underlying metaphysical principle of the inseparable relationship of the part to the whole. It is this principle of oneness underlying all geometry that permeates the architecture of all form in its myriad diversity. This principle of interconnectedness, inseparability and union provides us with a continuous reminder of our relationship to the whole, a blueprint for the mind to the sacred foundation of all things created.

Starting with what may be the simplest and most perfect of forms, the sphere is an ultimate __expression of unity, completeness, and integrity. There is no point of view given greater or lesser importance, and all points on the surface are equally accessible and regarded by the center from which all originate. Atoms, cells, seeds, planets, and globular star systems all echo the spherical paradigm of total inclusion, acceptance, simultaneous potential and fruition, the macrocosm and microcosm.

The circle is a two-dimensional shadow of the sphere which is regarded throughout cultural history as an icon of the ineffable oneness; the indivisible fulfillment of the Universe. All other symbols and geometries reflect various aspects of the profound and consummate perfection of the circle, sphere and other higher dimensional forms of these we might imagine.

The golden ratio (a.k.a. phi ratio a.k.a. sacred cut a.k.a. golden mean a.k.a. divine proportion) is another fundamental measure that seems to crop up almost everywhere, including crops. The golden ratio is the unique ratio such that the ratio of the whole to the larger portion is the same as the ratio of the larger portion to the smaller portion. As such, it symbolically links each new generation to its ancestors, preserving the continuity of relationship as the means for retracing its lineage.

The ratio of segments in 5-pointed star (pentagram) was considered sacred to Plato & Pythagoras in their mystery schools. Note that here each larger (or smaller) section is related by the phi ratio, so that a power series of the golden ratio raised to successively higher (or lower) powers is automatically generated.

The Ancient Egyptian Pyramids and Temples were purposely built in accordance with this system.

What is Sacred Geometry?

When the teachings of geometry are used to show the ancient truth that all life emerges from the same blueprint, we can clearly see that life springs from the same source ... the intelligent force some call "God." When geometry is used to explore this great truth, a broader understanding of the universe unfolds until we can see that all aspects of reality become sacred. Understanding the simple truths of sacred geometry leads to an evolution of consciousness and an opening of the heart that is a next step in the process of human evolution.

True sacred geometric forms never fixate or stagnate on one single form. Instead they are actually in constant fluid transcendence and change (evolving or devolving) from one geometric form to another at their own speed or frequency. These ever-evolving states of geometry mirror the constantly evolving nature of the human consciousness.

Sacred Geometry in its pristine form is constructed of the fabric of conscious transcendent "Spirit Matter". These sacred geometric forms often appear in our dreams and visions. Often they are presented in a rapid-fire succession as if they were hieroglyphs with enormous amounts of emotion and meaning relayed within each symbol. In those cases, it is often not necessary to intellectually understand the meaning behind the barrage of imagery. Our
unconscious understands, and it is from there that transformation begins.

Sacred geometry and the teachings of the Flower of Life help us to see within ourselves the vastness of which we are all a part. Many humans have been conditioned to see and believe in a limited perspective of smallness. Elephant trainers of the far east tie a thin rope around the ankle of a baby elephant and throughout their lives reinforce the boundary of the rope. The adult elephant is fully capable of breaking the rope but the elephant has been so conditioned to believe he cannot, that he does not understand his own power to free himself. We are like those elephants, just learning about our self-imposed belief in limitation. Living with our limited perspectives of ourselves, we rarely see past our limitations and, as a consequence, we bind ourselves to our habits. With a little effort, the teachings of the Flower of Life and sacred geometry help us peer through the window of our conditioned beliefs and
gaze at the vastness of our true selves and our infinite potential.


At 4:18 AM, Blogger sudhakar said...

Hi, I appreciate your views, geometry does have a direct link with the nature and every thing around us , not only phi even pi,e and gamma have connection with the nature, its so beautiful.. nature is deviced in such a way that all are interconnected, if possible read the book “Hidden Unity in Nature's Laws by John C. Taylor” he describes every thing except the spiritual touch.


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