Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Q. I am trying to come up with a way to track points in 3D space. I have
been able to come up with an algo to recognise and track objects based
on their color.
What I have is two sets of 2D track points( X Y points ) that I
acquired from two camera views( one Vertical and the other Horizontal
,i.e., the planes are perpendicular). What I need is the corresponding
3D coordinates( X Y Z ) of the object of interest. The Video images
were taken from both the views simultaneously.
I have scoured the net for papers and methodologies, but have not come
across similar work. I will put in points what I need :-

1. A method to do the conversion from 2d to 3d coordinate sys.
2. Links to papers and websites referring to similar work.

Thnx in advance..

A. Try a paper called “Triangulation” by Richard I. Hartley and Peter Sturn.


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